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RoboOS 2.0 Release

RoboOS 2.0 Release

Here at Robo, we are constantly improving our products to make the best possible user experience for our customers. After spending a lot of time listening to our users and a tremendous amount of work put into product development, we have released a new version of our RoboOS!  

Once you’ve updated, you must redo the Z-Offset before printing on your Robo R2 or Robo C2. If you would like to keep your current settings, go to your printer’s touchscreen and navigate to Utilities > Options > EEPROM. Write down the “Home Offset” value (include the minus sign), as well as any other custom values you may have previously entered. After you update, you can enter the values back on the same screen. Otherwise, you must run through the Z-Offset wizard again after the update is finished.

To start the update, go to your printer’s touchscreen. You will either see a popup notification on the screen, or you can navigate to Utilities > Update.

What’s New

Increased Speeds

With the updated RoboOS 2.0, we have greatly improved the speed of auto leveling. The process is now completed with 9 probe points instead of 16 on the R2. Additionally, the Z axis speed is 3x faster on the R2, and 2.6x faster on the C2. This will allow for faster leveling and travel, which in turn will make completing some of the wizards and starting a print much more rapid.

Improved Auto Level Accuracy

Auto leveling has dramatically improved. We’ve added a new function that calibrates the IR sensor to the ambient light in the room, which results in a more accurate first layer. You will notice an extra probe point at the very start of the leveling sequence, where the calibration takes place. This will positively impact first layer adhesion and the overall quality of all your 3D prints.  

New PID Tuner Wizard

We added a new PID Tuner wizard which automatically stabilizes the extruder or print bed temperatures to ensure even heat distribution and layering for your prints. The wizard can be found under Utilities > Wizards. At the end of the tuning sequence, you will be asked if you want to save the new values. The printer handles the rest.

Fine Tune Z-Offset Wizard Redesign

The Fine Tune Z-Offset wizard allows you to incrementally adjust your print bed to test the first layer that extrudes from the nozzle. We added a new option tab that allows you to choose from either the standard straight lines or concentric circles.  The new circular print allows the offset to be tested on the entire bed, making this wizard a much quicker experience.

Updated Security Feature: Access Controls

We have added Access Control functionality which gives you complete control over who is allowed to remotely access your Robo C2 and R2 printers through the internet. This is great for classrooms or public networks. When you update, this feature will be disabled on all printers by default. To enable it, go to your printer’s web dashboard and find it under the System menu.  See our Help Center installation guide for a complete rundown.

Update your Robo R2 or C2 now to try out these new features for yourself! Here is the link to the full changelog.

Happy printing Robo users!

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RoboOS 2.0 Release
RoboOS 2.0 Release