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roboOS changelog
All notable changes to roboOS will be documented in this file. For a detailed guide to updating to the most recent version of roboOS, click here.
roboOS 1.8.12017-09-28
Bug fixes
  • Robo LCDFixed: screen freezes when you try to print a file and your z offset is set outside range of 0 or -20.
roboOS 1.8.02017-09-15
  • Robo LCDFile system overhaul:
    • Supports gcode, stl, and hex files. Selecting STLs will push you through the slicing wizard. Selecting hex files will push you through the firmware update wizard.
    • Supports local and usb mounted filesystems.
    • Sort by a-z, size, date, or file type.
    • Copy, move, or delete multiple files and folders at once.
    • Displays storage capacity used and total.
    • Meta data analysis performed when new file is selected for faster loading of file view.
  • Robo LCDReset connection screens now show connection status to printer's motor and temperature controls.
  • Robo LCD Filament change will now push material through the nozzle before starting the retraction move. This mitigates filaments that get stuck and can't be pulled out easily.
  • Robo LCDAdded gcode command, 'F3000', to Raise Z option in motor controls so it would rise at an acceptable speed.
  • META-READERRoboLCD: File system overhaul.
Bug fixes
  • Robo LCDFixed Network Title. It used to say Wizards
  • Robo LCDFixed the Error box starting up with a solid White image.
  • Robo LCDFixed up and down buttons getting stuck on the File Screen.
  • Robo LCDFixed Keyboard bug that would keep the keyboard up when an error occured..
  • Robo LCDTool monitor will now show one decimal place. Graphical errors occured when showing two or more decimal places..
  • META-READERMeta Reader will no longer choke on folders that do not have the 'children' tag.
  • WEB DASHBOARDHex files saved on file system will load correctly.
roboOS 1.7.0-r2.22017-08-16
  • SYSTEM UPDATESEnsures R2 firmware version 1.1.7 is installed.
Bug fixes
  • PRINT FILESSome R2s were shipped with a Tube_And_Cap.gcode mislabeled as Filament_Tube_Clips.gcode. Proper file is ensured.
roboOS 1.7.02017-07-14
  • Robo LCDMotor control screen redesign.
  • Robo LCD Custom preheat settings.
  • Robo LCDAdded 0.05mm increment to Z Offset Wizard.
  • Robo LCDZ Offset Wizard measures z offset from corner for accuracy.
  • Robo LCDAdded confirmation screens to Reset Eeprom, shut down, reboot, reset connection, and delete files and folders.
  • Robo LCDAdded more custom settings to Slicer Wizard: brim, build plate rafts, non-build plate rafts, temperature, and fans on.
  • Print FilesImproved print quality for Filament_Tube_Clips.
  • Web DashboardAdded easy-access toggle button for camera.
Bug fixes
  • Robo LCD Installing dual extruders do not crash the screen.
  • Robo LCDError message no longer displays "printing" when screen disconnects from motor contorls while printing. It will display real error message.
roboOS 1.5.02017-06-01
  • Robo LCDPrint Tuning responsive redesign.
  • Robo LCDMotors can be disengaged under Utilities>>Options>>Motors Offset.
  • Robo LCDReset connection to printer controls at any time through Utilities>>Options>>Connection.
  • Robo LCDFirmware Update has been moved to Utilities>>Options.
  • Robo LCDPrinter Status screen responsive redesign.
  • Robo LCD Support for Error Messages.
  • Robo LCDQuick access to temperature controls and motor controls through printer status screen.
  • Robo LCD Printing progress bar with elapsed time and remaining added to printer status screen.
  • Robo LCDNew Fine Tune Z offset wizard: calibrate your z offset to the hundredth of a mm. Can also be used to level your bed.
  • Robo LCDNew Bed Level Calibration wizard: guides you on how to level your R2's bed.(R2 only)
  • Robo LCDSee target temperature on set-temperature screen.
  • Meta-ReaderSupports onboard sliced files.
  • Print FilesSupports onboard sliced files.
Bug fixes
  • Robo LCDVarious language edits.
  • Robo LCDFilament Load/Change will not mess with temperature while printing, and will set the E-Steps back to normal.
roboOS 1.4.22017-04-27
  • System updatesEnsures baudrate is 115200
  • System updatesEnsures webcam stops before restart.
Bug fixes
  • Robo LCDRestarting octoprint no longer hangs when webcam is on.
  • Robo LCDHotspot mode retry button does not freeze screen.
  • Robo LCDRemoved connection delays between Octoprint and Mainboard.
  • Robo LCDAdjust Z offset decimal styling error in wizard.
  • Robo LCDBacking out of filament wizards does not freeze screen.
  • Robo LCDQR code is bounded within blue boxes.
  • Web DashboardWebcam viewport is straigthened out.
  • Web DashboardRemoved screen squish.