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Our Story
A team on a mission to inspire new ways to learn, work and play.
Inspiration from within
In January 2013, Braydon and Coby, two San Diego State University entrepreneurs discovered the power of 3D printing while in college. While Coby needed an easier solution to complete his senior engineering course developing a 3D printed prosthetic leg, Braydon became fascinated by the technology and it's potential impact in helping students, businesses, and everyday people bring their ideas and useful creations to life.
How we Kickstarted
This led to Braydon and Coby teaming up and building their first 3D printer, dubbed the R1, a high-quality 3D printer that was affordable, easy to use and accessible for almost anyone. They launched this 3D printer on Kickstarter with a $49,000 goal, and ended up raising $649,000, thus beginning the journey to bring 3D printing to the world. What started with an initial 3D printer has grown into an ecosystem of additional products, from new machines, to 3D printing software, to materials, a 3D printing app, 3D print kits, and even curriculum to support 3D printing in education.
We've come a long way
We are now honored to have incredibly inspiring customers using our products in over 4500+ cities across 100+ countries all over the world. Robo is continuing to become a leading brand in the desktop segment of the 3D printing industry.
Robo’s Vision
To make next generation 3D technologies that inspire your passion within, and empower you to achieve your educational, professional and personal goals.