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Robo Partners with colorFabb for European expansion and filament development

Robo Partners with colorFabb for European expansion and filament development

Robo and colorFabb have established a distribution and reseller agreement, as well as a partnership to include co-development of unique filaments for Robo.

Robo has entered into a distribution agreement with colorFabb for sales and distribution expansion into the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Simultaneously, Robo has agreed to become a re-seller of colorFabb’s vast range of premium filament products, providing Robo with complementary products to sell into its emerging prosumer and professional customer segment.

Headquartered in Belfeld in the Netherlands, colorFabb is one of the most well recognized and highly regarded global brands in the desktop 3D printing industry.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Ryan Legudi, Robo’s Managing Director commented:

“We are tremendously excited to announce our two-way partnership with colorFabb. We have long admired how Ruud and his team at colorFabb have built a premium brand in the desktop 3D printing segment, constantly innovating their filament product offering to meet the growing demands of users for more sophisticated materials. This is a huge validation for our company, and our printers, as colorFabb has completed the most extensive testing of our printers to date. With an established global distribution footprint extending into 60+ countries, colorFabb will be able to leverage Robo’s products to its already vast customer base.

“Similarly, we are equally excited to be able to re-sell colorFabb’s extensive range of premium filament to our own customer base, who are increasingly demanding higher quality, more specialized materials. With the release of Robo R2, we have activated our strategy to expand deeper into the prosumer and professional segment, which is the fastest growing segment in the industry. By partnering with colorFabb for their filament, we are now positioned to provide professionals with an exceptional 3D printing solution.”

Commenting on the announcement, founder of colorFabb Ruud Rouleaux said:

“At ColorFabb we have had the luxury of testing many desktop printers in the last 6 years, developing valuable experience and know-how along the way. Early this year we started working with the Robo 3D team and have become extremely impressed by the level of professionalism and dedication that Robo 3D is investing in their new line of Desktop 3D Printers.

“We have been in the position to test both the Robo C2 and R2 with various colorFabb filaments and fine tune printing windows and optimize settings. After months of testing we are excited to announce a two-way partnership with Robo 3D enabling colorFabb to enter the desktop 3D printing landscape with a highly-established brand, in the same time enabling Robo 3D with a well-tested hardware/filament combination, of which we believe will enable a perfect user experience.”

With its rich feature set and award-winning design, Robo has sold a growing proportion of Robo R2’s to prosumers (e.g. inventors, 3D print service bureaus) and professionals (e.g. large engineering firms, industrial designers, furniture designers) in addition to education users. These are end-user markets that represent a tremendous opportunity for Robo’s expansion.

Ryan Legudi further commented:

“We are further excited by the ability for us to work closely with colorFabb to develop and commercialize new and unique filament for Robo products, further deepening the relationships with our community. Developing our filament strategy has been a major strategic priority for our Company, and we are looking forward to working closely with colorFabb to not only improve the user experience for our customers, but to also grow the industry through expanding the products that can be produced from our printers and opening up new user opportunities”.


About ColorFabb

ColorFabb was founded by Ruud Rouleaux in 2013 as a brand of Helian Polymers. As an expert in the field of additives and master batches for the plastic industry he set out to develop high quality 3D printing filament.

In the past few years colorFabb has established itself as the innovative, cutting-edge developer of high quality filaments for FDM 3D printing. After an initial pilot year in 2013 and rapid expansion in 2014, colorFabb has invested in 6 production lines to accommodate and sustain a wide range of 3D printing materials, suited for most FDM 3D printers.

Development and production of the filaments, as well as quality control and testing on a variety of printers are done in-house by a multidisciplinary team of experts to ensure quality on all levels. It is colorFabb’s goal to both educate and guarantee a great customer experience. With partners like Eastman Chemical Company and a worldwide network of distributors and resellers, colorFabb aims to bring the best user experience to a worldwide audience.


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Ryan Legudi, Managing Director Robo 3D Limited +61 434 528 648


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