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Desktop Software
R2, C2, R1+, R1
Robo recommends using the Robo customized versions of Cura or MatterControl.
Cura for Robo
Models: R2 and C2 only
Use Cura for Robo slicing software to preview and prepare your files for printing. It comes loaded with Robo print profiles (recommended settings) but allows you to customize advanced printing options. If your printer is connected to Wi-Fi, you can connect it to Cura to load your prints directly from the program onto your printer. Or if you don't have internet connection, you can transfer the files to your printer via a USB drive.
Models: R1+ and R1 only
MatterControl allows you to preview and prepare your files for printing. You can customize advanced print settings and connect to your printer via USB to start a print. Or you can load the files onto your printer via SD card.
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Check out the Cura and MatterControl articles on our support site.