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E3, R2, C2
The Robo Cloud and The Robo Web Dashboard has the most advanced tools for controlling and monitoring your print. This is where you can set up your printer's security settings and additional plugins.
Connect to RoboCloud for Robo E3
To connect, go to, fill out the information to activate your account, connect to the same wi-fi network as your Robo E3, and begin your 3D printing journey.
In RoboCloud, you will be able to set up your printer by clicking "add printer." You can upload .STL models and send them directly to your printer over wi-fi. It's simple to change settings and easy to print. Give it a try!
If you are ready to use cloud printing, go to RoboCloud on your desktop computer or google chromebook.
Connect to Robo Web Dashboard for R2 and C2
To connect, go to your printer's touchscreen and go to Utilities > Network > Network Status to find the printer's IP address and hostname.
If your printer is connected to Wi-Fi, you can enter the IP address or hostname into your browser's address bar to bring up the web dashboard interface. From here you can upload STL and G-code files. If you upload an STL file, you'll be prompted to slice the file with the onboard slicer to produce a .gcode file, which will save to your printer's local drive.
Note: In order to discover your printer by its hostname (rather than IP) you may need to download Bonjour on your desktop computer.
Need help?
Check out the Robo web dashboard articles on our support site.