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Robo Trade-Up Program
Donate your old 3D printer to a local robotics team of your choice or recycle it and you'll get credit towards a brand new, shiny Robo E3 education focused, smart 3D Printer! It's that simple.
How it works
Fill out the Robo Trade-Up form.
Donate your printer to a local robotics team or recycle it.
Send us proof.
Get a discount code to use on a new Robo E3.
Let's Get Started
How much credit will I get?
The Robo Trade-Up Program is designed to hook you up on a brand new Robo E3 3D printer at a discounted price.

All you need is an eligible printer on the list and your willingness to trade it in! Your credit amount will depend on the printer you choose to trade-up.

Just fill out the form and let us do the work. We'll get you a return label, recycle or donate your old machine, and create a personalized discount code for you to join Robo nation. You'll also get free shipping on your Robo E3 purchase :) That's how we roll.
Eligible Printers Discount
ALunar 3D Printer $100 off
Anet A8 Prusa Kit $100 off
Monoprice Select Mini $100 off
Orio Motor Tech $100 off
TEVO Tarantula $100 off
XYZ da Vinci miniMaker $100 off
Maker Select 3D Printer $150 off
Micro 3D Printer $150 off
Monoprice Select V2 $150 off
Printrbot Play $150 off
RepRap Guru $150 off
TEVO Tarantula $150 off
XYZ da Vinci 1.0A $150 off
XYZ da Vinci Jr 1.0 $150 off
XYZ da Vinci Mini w $150 off
Printrbot Simple $200 off
Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus $200 off
NewMatter MOD-t $200 off
3DSystems Cube 3D Printer $200 off
Afinia H Series $200 off
Monoprice Maker Select $200 off
Qidi Technology $200 off
Robo R1/R1+ $200 off
UP Mini 2 $200 off
XYZ da Vinci 1.0 AiO $200 off
XYZ da Vinci 1.1 Plus $200 off
XYZ da Vinci 2.0 Duo $200 off
XYZ da Vinci Jr 1.0 3in1 $200 off
All MakerBot $200 off
BIBO 3D Printer $200 off
Dremel Idea Builder $200 off
Flashforge Creator Dual Pro $200 off
Micro 3D Pro $200 off
Wanhao Duplicator 4s $200 off
Fill out the form to start the trade-up process.
Ready to upgrade!

Here's why you should upgrade to Robo E3 Smart 3D Printer

  • Large Print Size

    Compact, yet sizeable ~6" x 6" x 6" print size

  • Advanced Print-Smart Control

    Built in touchscreen and on-board storage of models

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

    Print via Wi-Fi using RoboCloud, USB, or RoboPrint Desktop Software

  • Integrated Model Slicing

    RoboCloud allows printing with Google Chromebooks

  • Filament Run-Out Detection

    Open source filament system prints 20+ materials

  • Automatic Self-Leveling Print Bed

    Automatic calibration, flexible, heated print bed