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MyStemKits STEM Curriculum
Over 240 STEM lessons
The world's largest library of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math curriculum with turn-key 3D printable kits for K-12 schools.
Aligns with NGSS and Common Core standards
All 3D printable kits include 10+ lesson plan pages with student assessments and standards alignment.
Developed by Florida State University
Created and extensively tested by leading STEM researchers.
Up to 90% cost savings
Realize significant cost savings and engagement when using 3D printers to build your lessons. For example, a hominoid kit (normally $1,500) can be printed for $100!
Lesson plans for every grade level
Every MyStemKit lesson includes the lesson plan, teacher guide, student assessments, student activities and handouts, and ready-to-print 3D models.
Kindergarten to 5th grades
Lesson plans developed to help students get off to a good start to ensure their success at an early age.
6th to 8th grades
Transition years between elementary and high school are critical to generate and sustain interest in STEM fields.
9th to 12th grades
The high school years are essential for building skills and solidifying concepts that help students solve challenges that they will face.
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MyStemKits STEM Bundles
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Flexible connectivity
With the integration between MyStemKits and Robo 3D printers, educators have complete flexibility on how to connect Robo's smart printers in their classroom - whether that's from Wi-Fi, an Ethernet cable, or Robo's personal hotspot.
Lifetime support
You're in good hands with our lifetime support and 12 month product warranty. We even offer additional warranty upgrades to ensure minimal downtime with extended 2 or 3 year options.
Teacher training
Our teacher training allows educators to engage in an interactive course with one of Robo's expert trainers to get started on implementing 3D learning in the classroom.
Bob Wallace
High School Biology Teacher
"The students get to put their hands onto actual materials. I never would have had students using a caliper in the past. Now they are…Science is really coming to life for them. … This is fantastic for getting kids motivated."
Nick Piscitelli
Professional Development Specialist
"We are so lucky to have the 3-D printers and as a resource to support teachers… We are thrilled of the successes we are experiencing through this program."
Elizabeth Wyatt
Exceptional Student Education Teacher
"This will be a wonderful way to obtain some of the hands on tools that generally prove too expensive for a small school like ours to typically have access to, which will definitely enrich the educational experiences of our students."
Robo ecosystem fit for any classroom
Robo’s 3D printers are built for educators with an easy-to-use interface, compatibility with Google Chromebooks and Apple iPads, 24/7 lifetime customer support, and complemented by leading professional training and extensive range of STEM lesson plans.
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